Solid ExplorerSolid ExplorerBetter, stronger, prettier

Material Design

Featuring Google's unified design language making everything intuitive and beautiful

Cloud Explorer

Manage your files wherever they are and wherever you are

Rich customization

Adjust the interface to your taste with many icon sets and color schemes.

Why is it special?

Look what this file manager has to offer
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Why is it special?

Look what this file manager has to offer

Increased productivity

Make your life easier with dual pane file management. Browse multiple locations at once and transfer your files seamlessly. Copy move files with drag and drop gestures spiced with eye catchy animations.

Many cloud providers

Enjoy the ability to manage files stored by most popular cloud providers, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Mega and more. Thanks to Solid Explorer you don't need to install separate app for each service!

Rich customization

Easily customize the application appearance to fit your style. Choose from many color schemes and icon sets designed with care for details. Change the apperaance of file lists and resize them with a pinch gesture.

Limitless capabilities

Solid Explorer can be even more powerful thanks to the extensions available to download from the Play Store. You can install even more cloud clients, file tools, icon sets and many more. Imagination is the limit.

Other useful features

Root explorer

Tired of ugly root explorers? Solid Explorer will also assist you in system level operations, such as changing permissions, editing configuration files and more.

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Powerful archiver

Solid Explorer can create encrypted Zip and 7Zip archives and extract encrypted Zip, 7Zip, RAR, TAR.GZ and TAR.BZ2 archives. Splitted archives are also supported.

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Chromecast streaming

Play your media from any location and watch it on your TV thanks to the Chromecast integration. You can stream from your PC or any cloud service.

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Your files in order

Solid Explorer will categorize all the files on your device for easy access in one place. Your photos, videos, music and apps will be automatically groupped into four categories.

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