NeatBytes is an independent software developer specialized in Android apps. Its new product called Solid Explorer 2.0 is a poweful file manager and cloud manager with root explorer.

1 Jul 2015

Solid Explorer 2.0 release

30 Apr 2015

First public Beta

23 Dec 2014

First public Alpha

20 Feb 2014

Beginning of development



total lines of code. Printing the whole Solid Explorer code would produce enough paper to make the first four volumes of the Game of Thrones book series.


hours of hard work. In this time you would complete a trip around the world on your bicycle.


active Alpha and Beta testers. That’s a half of an average sized football stadium.

Where You Can Find Us



NeatBytes Studio Krzysztof Głodowski


Domaniewska 47/10
02-672 Warsaw

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